Shepshed Swimming Club

2017 Fixtures

Training Starts Back
Leicester Winter League Round 1*
Club Time Trials

SSC AGM Meeting

Leicestershire Winter League Round 2*
Leicestershire Winter Leage Final*
 Leicestershire Diddy League Round 1*
 13th - 17th

 Pool Closed - Easter Holiday


 Pool Closed - Bank Holiday

 Leicestershire Diddy League Round 2*
 SSC Brian Moore & Andy Munn Memorial Gala
 Pool Closed - Bank Holiday
 Leicestershire Diddy League Final*
 Shepshed Swimming Club Annual Gala Wk1
 Shepshed Swimming Club Annual Gala Wk2
 17th - 28th
 Pool Closed - Summer Break
 Pool Closed - Bank Holiday
 Club Time Trials
 LASA Inter Clubs Relay Gala
 SSC Presentation Evening
 Fowkes Trophy Gala - Coalville
 Leicestershire Autumn League Round 1*
 Leicestershire Autumn League Round 2*
 Young Teams Relay Gala
 SSC Christmas Party
 Last Training session before Christmas
 Leicestershire Autumn League Final*
(TBC) provisional dates to be confirmed
As Hind Leys College own the pool, this may mean closure at short notice. Please be aware that the club has no control over such a decision

  • Please be aware that Shepshed Swimming Club is a competitive club and if you are selected for a gala you are expected to represent the club. Please  inform the Team Manager as soon as possible of any dates you will be unavailable for in advance.    
  • *In League Gala's Swimmers have to swim in either Round 1 or Round 2 to be eligible for selection to swim in the Final, please inform the Team Manager A.S.A.P if you are not available for either of the rounds.