Shepshed Swimming Club

Shepshed Swimming Club Committee

The Committee meet on a monthly basis, if there is anything you wish the committee to discuss or a point you want raised please contact the Club Secretary, who will ensure it is raised at the following meeting.

Benn Snaith
Membership Secretary
Dominic Jones
Vice Chairperson
  Adrian Snewin
Fixture Secretary
  Simon Hill
Club Secretary
  Kelly Snewin
Social Secretary
Sharon Aldridge
  Jason Aldridge
Swim Mark Secretary
Wendy Worrall
Team Manager
  Simon Hill
Child Protection \ Welfare Officer
  Stacey Snaith  
Diddy Team Manager
  Simon Hill


All details correct at time of print March 2019

General Members
Leanne Pedley  
Anthony Pedley
Harry Dalzell
Amelia Sanderson
 Daniel Thompson