Shepshed Swimming Club

Swimming Tips

Front crawl

  • Using steady alternating kick; kicking towards surface of water
  • Pointed toes
  • Controlled finger first arm entry
  • Over water arm recovery
  • Controlled breathing to the side
  • Continuous movement
  • Eyes looking forwards and downwards
  • Rotation of shoulders and upper body with arm stroke, but head steady
  • Steady alternating kick originating at hips not knees
  • Bent arm recovery with controlled entry
  • ā€˜Sā€™ type propulsive phase
  • Regular breathing pattern; smooth movement
  • Increased shoulder and body rotation for more powerful pull
  • Difference in stroke for different speeds; steady and controlled for longer swims, faster more powerful for sprints
  • Lengthening arm action after entry
  • High elbow in catch position (during pull)


  • Head back in water
  • Steady kick with pointed toes and knees kept under the water
  • Alternating recovery with controlled entry
  • Continuous arm action; no stopping by thighs


  • Head held still in the water as body rotates
  • Controlled arm entry; little finger first
  • Bent elbow during propulsive phase; but without letting the elbow slip


  • Increased body rotation, but head kept still
  • Deep catch and pull underwater


  • Streamlined arms following kick
  • Simultaneous kick, with glide after propulsive phase
  • Arms completing arm stroke in front of body; no pulling back past thighs
  • Breath taken as arms press inwards, without any nodding of head
  • Kick as arms are recovering forwards
  • Stroke taken in regular pattern with correct timing
  • Narrow kick; kick back not out
  • Sufficient glide/stretch with arms and legs at en of each stroke
  • Arms press out then squeeze in before recovering forwards; fingers face forwards whole time
  • Arms recover forwards quickly ā€“ no pausing by chest
  • Stretched streamline position at conclusion of each stroke
  • Stroke acceleration of feet during propulsive phase of kick
  • Stroke inward sweep of arms continuing into fast recovery


  • Simultaneous kick with toes pointed
  • Circling arm action, entering in front of shoulders
  • Breathing during propulsive phase of arm stroke
  • Breathing every other stroke
  • 2 x kicks per arm stroke; as arms enter and during propulsive phase
  • Arm entry in line with shoulders
  • Arms mover out slightly and push backwards with high elbow during catch
  • Smooth recovery over water
  • Chin kept on surface of water with breath
  • Face returning to water after breathing before arms enter
  • Strong rhythmic kick
  • Continuous arm movement ā€“ no hesitating after entry
  • Controlled regular breathing